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MAVIC PRO Long Range Antenna

Raddoppia la distanza del Mavic PRO !!!

74,00 € 79,00 € - 5,00 €
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Kit includes

2. u.fl to rp-sma female pigtail cables

2 8dBi yagi antennas, tuned to 2400MHz.

This is a V-shaped Yagi antenna of 8dBi which will focus the RF signal mostly in front of the pilot, while keeping a good coverage on the sides and behind. It’s easy to aim, very forgiving.

It’s very small and light, designed for the awesome little jewel that DJI recently released, the Mavic Pro.

FPVLR has been dedicating its effort in providing high quality, hand built, and individually tuned antennas for the drone market since the end of 2011.

Order with confidence.

Instructions will be provided with the kit.


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